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Tourism 365 will lead the efforts of promoting tourism and facilitating the growth of the tourism industry in Abu Dhabi, aiming to increase number of visitors to the Emirate.

Abu Dhabi Tourism

Why We Exist?

Increase the attractiveness of Abu Dhabi as a tourism destination.

Diversify offering, enhance guests experience and extend their stay.

Increase economic impact of tourism sector.

Visoin and Mission

Our Mission

To create a sustainable, vibrant and financially attractive tourism sector in Abu Dhabi, through building a portfolio of businesses that promote tourism and facilitate the growth of the tourism industry.

Our Vision

Abu Dhabi to become the leading tourist destination in the MENA region.


Tourism 365 will have two companies under its portfolio:

The companies will be involved in shaping new tourism offerings through collaboration with partners across the private and public sectors.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic partnerships with tour operators (TOs) and Online travel agencies (OTAs)
Enhance performance of tourism assets transferred to Tourism 365
One-stop shop tourist offering
Leisure tourism offerings packages
Increase attractions in collaboration with key stakeholders

Key Partners & Sponsors

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