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ADNEC Launches Internal Excellence Awards

Jul 17, 2016

Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC) has launched its annual Internal Excellence Awards as part of sustained efforts to promote a healthy spirit of competition, elevate departmental excellence and improve overall organisational efficiency. Named ‘Capital Excellence Awards’, the annual recognition will reinforce ADNEC’s commitment towards achieving its vision and delivering outstanding customer service to stakeholders in the business tourism industry.

The Capital Excellence Awards support the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance (ADAEP) that aims to motivate government entities to improve their performance and internal work mechanisms. It also seeks to raise awareness among employees about the importance of excellence, quality, transparency and accountability as core criteria in creating an enabling work environment and encouraging a healthy spirit of competition among various sectors and departments.

Internal excellence is crucial to shaping an environment that promotes creativity, innovation and excellence in the delivery of services provided to our customers. The launch of the Capital Excellence Awards and its expanded categories will serve as an added incentive for our departments, teams, and employees in their continued quest for performance excellence.

Developed in line with international best practices, the Capital Excellence Awards include a set of standards that go hand-in-hand with the core business mandate of ADNEC and its various departments. In addition, it seeks to promote the exchange of knowledge, expertise and success stories in management practices among various departments.

ADNEC is confident that the new Internal Excellence Award will serve as a benchmark of guidelines and standards to measure progress and development in departmental performance, and contribute to enhancing the overall efficiency of Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company. The Award will support the development programmes and strategic direction of the company, allowing internal work teams and individuals to adopt a culture of excellence to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.

The evaluation of departments, projects, teams and employees will be conducted by accredited external consultants. Following the completion of the evaluation process, each department will receive an assessment report on its performance detailing the strengths and areas for improvement for the department to improve its performance based on the findings of the report.

The Internal Excellence Awards have been divided into four main categories to cover various activities and aspects of ADNEC’s core business. They include excellent management, excellent project, excellent team, and excellent employee.

The award for excellent management aims to adopt best practices in the management of departments within ADNEC - regardless of their size, or whether they perform core functions or supporting ones. What matters is that the department must ensure a framework for excellence to encourage the development and exchange of best practices with other departments to help shape a common understanding and approach towards excellence.

The excellent project award, on the other hand, aims to leverage best practices in project management at ADNEC, irrespective of project size and difficulty. The recognition articulates ADNEC’s priority to promote excellence as an integral part of project management, leading to a shared vision among all ADNEC departments in achieving excellence in project management.

The excellent employee award is aimed at increasing productivity among the company staff, boosting their morale and loyalty to the company, while encouraging a healthy spirit of competition among the teams through establishing best practice standards for performance excellence.

The Capital Excellence Awards are a practical framework for self-assessment, allowing ADNEC to evaluate the performance and practices of employees in leadership, supervisory and non-supervisory roles. Regardless of the nature of the work of each individual, the Awards create a framework for excellence and the exchange of expertise among all employees - who are the key drivers of ADNEC’s continued pursuit of excellence.